Two Hands Wine

Our collaboration with Fruition Sciences allows us to approach our block monitoring more serenely. The scientific aspect of the program impresses us as much as the pragmatism and professionalism of the teams. In partnership with Fruition Sciences, we are continuing to build up a solid database that will enable us to better understand our vineyards and get the best out of each vintage.

Pierre-Henri Morel
Ovid Vineyards

We have been working with Fruition Sciences since its inception and it has been a tremendously powerful tool. Through it's seemingly simple measurement we have been able to better understand how our vines react to everything from pruning, cover crop, irrigation, fruit thinning, and fruit maturity. With this insight we have been able to adjust and fine-tune our farming practices, yielding better and better wines. The knowledge we have gained about our vineyard has been invaluable.

Austin Peterson
Ridge Vineyards

I have been working with Fruition Sciences to monitor sap flow at Monte Bello since 2009. I value the technical and analytical skills of the Fruition team and their unique technology that monitors how a vine is responding to its environment. Most of the other sensors that are commonly used in our industry to monitor vine water use are only looking at one parameter (ie atmospheric demand or soil moisture levels); the Fruition sap flow sensors allows you to use the vine to integrate ALL of the myriad factors affecting it and tell you if it needs water. Telling when a vine really needs water after veraison has always been a grey area; since monitoring our vines at Monte Bello I have found that most irrigations in previous years were not needed. We are in an era of increasing demand on our precious water supplies, and Fruition Sciences sap flow sensors help me irrigate conservatively with confidence.

David Gates
Silver Oak

We have been working with Fruition Sciences since 2011 and I greatly value their contribution to our vineyard team's understanding of the why and when of irrigation. We use our water more intelligently and our wines have improved because of it. In addition to keeping our team up to date on the latest worldwide viticultural research and its practical application, Fruition provides a user interface that is easy and informative and has taken our precision farming to an extremely high level.

Daniel Baron
Colgin Cellars

Working with the Fruition Sciences’ sap flow technology, we have learned a great deal about the vine regulation of water on our site. It has increased our understanding of the impact of water stress on our vine, its relationship with irrigation patterns, and most importantly, the resulting impact to the wine. By collaborating with their team, we continue to build our site-specific knowledge with the intention to make the most of each growing season.

Allison Tauziet

The contribution of fertilizers and amendments became a personalized service. These images are a communication medium allowing us to save time and gain in precision. The NDVI map is a tool simple and very widely accessible to all that I recommend.

Yann Claustre
Château Olivier

NDVI photography is currently the only way to get a snapshot of vine vigor across our entire vineyard. It saves time compared with field observation for identifying intra-plot variability. This enables us to carry out selective harvests in year N, and to adapt pruning and fertilization in year N+1. The NDVI photo of August N+1 will show the impact of our technical choices.

Philippe Stoeckle


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