Wente Vineyards

The Dualex readings provided by Fruition Sciences provide another level of Nitrogen update and utilization within the grapevine. Previously we, as an industry, relied on yearly or bi-yearly petiole reading for Nitrogen levels in our vines. Weekly readings provide deeper insight into the nature of the vine, especially during key physiological stages like flowering and veraison. Correlating this with development of anthocyanin in the berries and with the extraction and stabilization of anthocyanin during fermentation will continue to inform decision making...and most importantly allow us to grow better grapes and make better wine.

Karl wente
Les Collines Vineyard

I had two sites installed this year by Fruition Sciences and used them to monitor my irrigation for the year comparing the readings to my pressure chamber readings that I have used to schedule my irrigations the last few years. The readings coincided with the pressure chamber but also give a view of the timeline that the plant is on for using the moisture. I share a wellwith another farmer raising wheat and beans so it is great to see how manydays out I will need water and we can schedule around our needs. It did nottake long to figure out where we wanted or needed to irrigate due to hot weather coming or when our schedule worked out for watering. I will be getting at least one more site in the future in a different variety and will usethe Fruition Sciences system as my primary information backed up with the pressure chamber but it will cut down on a lot of time taking the readings.

Shane McKibben
Seven Stones

With Fruition Science I feel as if I can control one of the fundamental aspects of terroir with godlike precision. The fruition team is experienced and understands our metier but also has an unequaled understanding of technology and the fundamental needs of the grapevine.

Aaron Pott
Daou Vineyards

Fruition Sciences allows me to manage my water usage more efficiently and accurately and as a result of that has allowed me to produce higher quality wines.

Daniel Daou
Ovid Vineyards

We have been working with Fruition Sciences since its inception and it has been a tremendously powerful tool. Through it's seemingly simple measurement we have been able to better understand how our vines react to everything from pruning, cover crop, irrigation, fruit thinning, and fruit maturity. With this insight we have been able to adjust and fine-tune our farming practices, yielding better and better wines. The knowledge we have gained about our vineyard has been invaluable.

Austin Peterson
Ridge Vineyards

I have been working with Fruition Sciences to monitor sap flow at Monte Bello since 2009. I value the technical and analytical skills of the Fruition team and their unique technology that monitors how a vine is responding to its environment. Most of the other sensors that are commonly used in our industry to monitor vine water use are only looking at one parameter (ie atmospheric demand or soil moisture levels); the Fruition sap flow sensors allows you to use the vine to integrate ALL of the myriad factors affecting it and tell you if it needs water. Telling when a vine really needs water after veraison has always been a grey area; since monitoring our vines at Monte Bello I have found that most irrigations in previous years were not needed. We are in an era of increasing demand on our precious water supplies, and Fruition Sciences sap flow sensors help me irrigate conservatively with confidence.

David Gates
Schug Winery

Fruition Sciences has provided the entire Schug team a framework in which to better understand the nature our individual vineyard blocks while looking at the whole of the vineyard. This in turn has given us heightened confidence in our farming decision-making. I look forward to gaining deeper knowledge about our site in the coming years.

Mike Cox
Silver Oak

We have been working with Fruition Sciences since 2011 and I greatly value their contribution to our vineyard team's understanding of the why and when of irrigation. We use our water more intelligently and our wines have improved because of it. In addition to keeping our team up to date on the latest worldwide viticultural research and its practical application, Fruition provides a user interface that is easy and informative and has taken our precision farming to an extremely high level.

Daniel Baron
Halter Ranch

Fruition Sciences has helped us reduce water use by 54%. Their unique tools have also helped us increase canopy sizes in weak areas and track each individual blocks progression throughout the season. Fruition is more than water monitoring, it’s a way to help manage your vineyard.

Kevin Saas
Chateau Latour

Since 2011, our partnership with Fruition Sciences has helped us improving our physiological and enological understanding of our reference sites. In addition to our on-the-ground knowledge, their scientific expertise allows us to anticipate the terroir response to the vintage. Our goal is to fine-tune pre-harvest decisions (block selections and dates) and enological choices during vinification.

Pénélope Godefroy
Colgin Cellars

Working with the Fruition Sciences’ sap flow technology, we have learned a great deal about the vine regulation of water on our site. It has increased our understanding of the impact of water stress on our vine, its relationship with irrigation patterns, and most importantly, the resulting impact to the wine. By collaborating with their team, we continue to build our site-specific knowledge with the intention to make the most of each growing season.

Allison Tauziet
Ostal Cazes

In order to optimize the irrigation on the IGP part of our vineyard, we have been working with Fruition Sciences since 2010. The measurement of the water deficit index first allowed us to estimate our vineyard water needs and second to rethink our irrigation strategy in terms of volume and timing. Fruition gave us the means to increase our yields (+30% on average), while also increasing the harvest quality and saving water. The web application is extremely user-friendly and allows me to visualize all my information on one single interface. In addition, the technical and scientific expertise of the Fruition team, as well as their availability, is a real plus when it comes to improve our understanding of L'Ostal Cazes unique terroir.

Fabrice Darmaillacq
Pahlmeyer Winery

I have partnered with Fruition Sciences at Pahlmeyer Winery since 2011. I have been able to improve the quality of Cabernet Sauvignon blocks to blend into our top cuvees. By changing the irrigation practices, not only were we able to improve quality, but also save significant amounts of water. We have been able to reduce the water use approximately 50% year-over-year, and dry-farm 75% of Pahlmeyer's estate vineyard. Most importantly, Fruition has given us the tools and confidence to actively manage a vineyard to the individual vine, and maximize the potential of each terroir. The data has helped to understand causal relationships between the decisions in the field and resulting wines. We are able to adapt to every vintage with intention, and develop innovative solutions specific to the unique challenges that every vineyard possesses.

Kale Anderson
Olivier Trégoat Viti Development

The NDVI distributed by Fruition Sciences allows us to better segment our blocks during the grape harvests. Our objective is to bring in a homogeneous fruit at the level maturity and so to optimize the final quality of our wine. The mapping NDVI also allows us to be more precise and effective during our wintry campaigns of fertilization.

Olivier Trégoat

The contribution of fertilizers and amendments became a personalized service. These images are a communication medium allowing us to save time and gain in precision. The NDVI map is a tool simple and very widely accessible to all that I recommend.

Yann Claustre
Olivier Trégoat Viti Development

Fruition Analytics gives us the possibility of visualizing our wine-making and climatic data on an easy to use interface. It facilitates our analyses and allows us to save time. We created reference zones in our various vineyards allowing us to compare blocks and vintage wines. We are so more effective and precise in our technical choices.

Olivier Trégoat
Château de La Rivière

Our NDVI map serves us mainly for the fragmented selection. We separate more finely zones having very different vigours during the grape harvests and the wine makings. They are also very important in the strategy of sampling of our vineyard. We locate our reference small places according to the vigour and to the fragmented heterogeneousness. In these small places we make then our countings, our cryptogamic observations, our phenological follow-ups and our estimations of efficiencies.

Manon Deville
Château LaGrange

The use of the NDVI gives us a global and detailed vision of the vineyard. If it's coupled with visual observations and reference analyses, it allows us a much more precise work of division of our soils.

Benjamin Vimal

Les cartes NDVI nous permettent d'apprécier plusieurs valeurs physiologiques de la vigne, et de révéler des zones à potentiel différent à l'intérieur de chaque parcelle. C'est un outil indispensable pour cerner les limites de ces zones, et tracer l'évolution de ces limites millésime après millésime. Il aide au diagnostic et facilite la mise en œuvre de solutions à la carte : taille et opérations en vert par zone homogène, fertilisation différenciée, ajustement du réseau d'irrigation, segmentation des vendanges...

Pascal Marty
Château Olivier

La photo NDVI est le seul moyen actuellement d’avoir un instantané de la vigueur de la vigne sur l’ensemble de notre vignoble. Elle permet un gain de temps par rapport à l’observation de terrain pour identifier des variabilités intra parcellaire. Cela nous permet l’année N de faire des vendanges sélectives mais également l’année N+1 d’adapter la taille et la fertilisation. La photo NDVI du mois d’août N+1 permettra de voir l’impact de nos choix techniques.

Philippe Stoeckle
Domaines Cormeil Figeac Magnan

La carte NDVI embarquée sur notre application Fruition Analytics nous a permis d’améliorer nos pratiques sans augmenter leur coût. Nous l’avons utilisée pour moduler l’épandage la première année, cette année nous sommes passés à la modulation des semis de couverts végétaux.

Victor Moreaud


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