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Foliar Nitrogen
Photometric Sensor

Monitor fertilization needs based on plant response


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We scan leaves in the canopy over multiple dates during leaf area development

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After each scan, we plot a new point showing your nitrogen uptake for the season

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The graphs are automatically uploaded to Fruition’s online-platform to compare with weather data and other vineyard data


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Non destructive

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Monitor block Nitrogen content at peak value


Track Nitrogen uptake time profile


Track canopy response to light

why is it useful?

For winemaking

  • Enhance wine color and flavor
  • Improve pre-harvest Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen

For viticulture

  • Improve timing for fertilization
  • Reduce fertilization based on plant needs
  • Select best block for organic/biodynamic farming
  • Monitor season and practice effects on Nitrogen

The Dualex readings provided by Fruition Sciences provide another level of Nitrogen update and utilization within the grapevine. Previously we, as an industry, relied on yearly or bi-yearly petiole reading for Nitrogen levels in our vines. Weekly readings provide deeper insight into the nature of the vine, especially during key physiological stages like flowering and veraison. Correlating this with development of anthocyanin in the berries and with the extraction and stabilization of anthocyanin during fermentation will continue to inform decision making...and most importantly allow us to grow better grapes and make better wine.

Wente Vineyards Karl wente Karl wente
Winemaker and Senior Vice-President of Winemaking
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